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Plan Review and Inspection Fees

Pre application meeting​$100 (submittal fee)​

New Building Core & Shell​

1 - 15,000 sq. ft.​​Incl remodel $500​

15,001 - 100,000 sq. ft.​$500 + $0.02/ft2​

Tenant Finish​

0 - 1,500 sq ft​​$0.05/ft2 ($50 min)​

Misc. Fees​

Reinspection fee​​$100 ​

After Hours Inspection ​$75/hour (2 hr min)​

Misc. Inspection fee​​$75/hour (2 hr min)​

Commercial Plan reviews​Included in core/shell​

Site plans​

2nd review of above plans​

Each review beyond 2nd​

Commercial Inspections​

Scheduled Inspections​​$150 ​

Compliance Verification​$150 ​

System test/Install​​$150 ​

Follow up inspections​​$150 ​

Initial Code Violations​$0 ​

Starting work w/o permit​All fees doubled​


Outside agency support​

Use/storage of explosives​$100 ​

Fire Protection Equipment & Systems Inspection Fees​

Sprinkler systems 13, 13R​$75 + $1.00/head​

Sprinkler systems 13D​$75 + $1.00/head​

Sprinkler modifications​$75 + $1.00/head​

Fire Alarm System - Mod​$75 + $1.00/device​

Hood & Duct Protection Sys​$100/unit​

Exit/access control system​$75 ​

Fire Hydrant​​$75 ​

Water tanks for fire prot.​$150 ​

Vehicle access gate​​$75 ​

Submittal fee subtracted from total fees​

No charge for residential site plans (including cisterns), commercial included in new building

Fire protection systems/equipment included in new building (except 13D systems)​

Miscellaneous inspection fee covers any permits requiring inspections