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The Nederland Fire Protection District (NFPD) is a special District and is financially supported through property taxes collected throughout the district. As a special district, the Nederland Fire Protection District is governed by the Colorado Revised Statutes Title 24 Article 72 Public Records Act. The majority of emergency responders within the department are volunteers. While the department has some paid staff positions, volunteers are the backbone.

There are three stations in the department. Station One houses the administrative offices, crew quarters, training room, and most of the department’s apparatus. Station Two, also known as the Ridge Rd. substation is a volunteer-staffed station. Station Three, also known as the Eldora substation, is also a volunteer-staffed station.

The department responds to approximately 430 calls for emergency services annually. EMS calls account for 65-70% of the annual call load. The department also responds to structure and wildland fires and traffic accidents, and HAZMAT calls. The department also provides fire safety education to children annually through the local school district.

NFPD also responds to neighboring fire departments to assist whenever needed. When staffing and equipment availability permits, they assist with large-scale wildland fires. The primary directive is to protect the community; however, during times of need, sending crews to endangered areas provides critical help to these communities while obtaining skills and knowledge for use in our community.