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Address Signs

This summer, we are embarking on a campaign to make it easier to find your home in the event of an emergency.

When minutes count, it can be incredibly stressful on responders to locate your home. Sign requirements have been in place for many years but are often overlooked.

Here are some key requirements for signs that will ensure a timely response:

  • Reflective!
  • 4-inch characters with 1/2-inch stroke (thickness).
  • White characters on green background.
  • Mounted on a metal post or other non-combustible material.
  • 4-6 feet above the grade of the road.
  • Clearly visible from all directions of travel.

In the town of Nederland, there is an exception that allows the placement of the sign directly on a structure; if the building is within 30 feet of the public road and the sign is clearly visible from all directions of travel.

We're working with local hardware stores to have signs that meet these requirements readily available and will update once those vendors have been secured.

Here are some online options (you may purchase your sign from any vendor and are not limited to any supplier listed on our website):

Vertical 911 Address Sign - X2901 (
Vertical 911 Address Sign With House Number, SKU: K2-3678 (
Horizontal 911 Address Sign - X2904 (
Horizontal 911 Address Sign With House Number, SKU: K2-3679 (

Please ensure your purchased sign meets our requirements above, and thank you for updating your premise identification! 

May contain: transportation, truck, and vehicle
Our new address sign out front of Station 1.
Address sign example.
An example of an address sign that meets code.