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May contain: helmet, fireman, person, accessories, sunglasses, face, and head
May contain: clothing, glove, helmet, person, adult, male, man, accessories, glasses, footwear, and shoe







Volunteer Membership

Interested in joining a hardworking team, dedicated to serving the emergency response needs of our community?

Volunteer applications now being accepted!  If you are interested in joining our 2024 recruit academy which starts in September, please fill out our online application below:

Volunteer Application

Volunteer applicants must be able to function well in a team environment, during times of high stress and adverse conditions. Individually this will involve mastery of requisite skills, a reasonable level of physical fitness, and the ability to perform risk/benefit analysis on every activity. All members are expected to clearly communicate with peers, supervisors, the public and to respond positively to authority and direction.

Your decision to join Nederland Fire as a volunteer involves a profound commitment. Volunteers are expected to attend at least 50% of departmental meetings and trainings. Currently we meet 2-3 Thursday evenings and at least 1/2 day on two Saturdays of the month. Volunteers are expected to attend at least 10 percent of District calls, which would generally involve responding 40-80 times a year to unscheduled events. Not uncommonly these would occur during normal sleep hours, meals or family time. For volunteers wishing to participate who do not live in the immediate area, we require 36 hours per month of standby time at the fire station as an equivalent to call percentages, however they must also attend at least 64 hours of annual volunteer training and initially are encouraged to attend much more. 

New volunteers would be expected to complete either an Emergency Medical Technician training program or structural firefighting academy, preferably both, within their first year. Additional trainings such as wildland firefighting and others are commonly requested. Work sessions, public education and staffing for special events are other activities that will require your commitment. 

Guide for Family MembersRecruit Job Description.pdf