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Business Inspections

We conduct plan review and inspections of all new and remodel commercial building projects within the district for compliance with adopted fire code.  This includes:  site-plans, construction plans, fire sprinkler plans, and fire detection & notification systems.  

We also review residential construction/remodel plans for access, water supply, fire sprinkler systems, cisterns, and other codes as required.  We work closely with the Town of Nederland, and Boulder County in the unincorporated areas of our district.

Submit plans electronically to: Please use the International Fire Code/NFPA codes as a reference for required documents.  After submission we will advise if further information is needed.

• We require three inspections for all sprinkler systems:  Open pipe, rough (with pressure test), and final.

• Detection/Alarm systems require a rough and final inspection.

To request an inspection please contact the Fire Marshal at:

Please note that our Fire Marshal is part-time and may be out of town for several weeks at a time during the wildfire season, so please attempt to schedule as far out as possible.  We do have a third-party inspector that is occasionally available in short notice situations however, additional fees will be involved.